A beautiful story of people, value and ideas. Didimo Zanetti new corporate video

Casalecchio di Reno – March 21, 2017

Didimo Zanetti is pleased to announce the release of its new corporate video.
Produced by a renowned studio, using cutting-edge 4k equipment, the movie captures the true soul of the company, from its establishment in 1953 to the latest technologies in its three production facilities.
A beautiful plot and a touching original soundtrack convey – by an intense emotional path – the quality of the product range, the technologies deployed  in the shop-floors and laboratories, the value of Didimo Zanetti people.
“Our primary target, while launching this initiative” said Giovanni Melandri, C.E.O. of Didimo Zanetti was to portray the competencies coming from over  60 years of gears manufacturing, the investments continuously deployed in our sites. And to give a tribute to the dedication and care of our people, who serve every single day our global clients, with relentless passion.

No actors in the movie, just true people at true work. We believe that the mission has been accomplished, and we invite you to enjoy our new video.”

Enjoy Didimo Zanetti new corporate video here: 




Since 1953, Didimo Zanetti has been manufacturing bevel & spur gears, shafts and gear components, serving the most demanding applications of several renowned global customers, from agricultural, construction and commercial vehicles to high performing racing cars.

Blending the experience and passion of highly qualified people with relentless investments purposed to get the best production and testing equipment at its three sites in Italy, Didimo Zanetti expresses the world-class excellence of the renowned “Italian motor-valley” in the Bologna area, always delivering precision, tranquillity and care to its clients.